once upon a time in brandenburg an der oder...

tropical nights

i love you my friends in this tropical nights.

the drums run,
the prickling guitar and the girl shouts
or whispers softly,
undressing in the wooden palace,
built over hundred years.
all seeping into my heart like warm sugared alcohol.
tropical nights.

the drums do click clack,
no one sleeps tonight,
no one.
smell of burned insects,
poor light- junkies.
shirts sticking to bodies, heated by ... what?
tropical nights.

the drums whisper SCH, SCH,
like mummy did
to calm me down.
a snake of light guides to a hidden grove,
forgotten place.
disruption to the harvested fields, to the thoughts of my daddy.
tropical nights.

the drum is silent,
everybody waits anxiously,
for the first shimmering.
vicious insects fleeing from the inexorable burning sun
and the white cat asks:
what are you after, in my sweet blackest night?

tropical nights.

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